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Belstaff has partnered with Conde Nast Traveler to offer you an exclusive insight into the adventures of photographer Chris Burkard.

"In life there are no shortcuts to joy"

Groundbreaking expeditions and epic road-trips are a time-honoured Belstaff tradition founded by Che Guevara, Steve McQueen, and most recently Ewan McGregor and David Beckham. Now Californian Chris Burkard takes up the mantle of defining the spirit of two-wheeled adventure today, chasing the perfect shot around the globe in a ‘personal crusade against the mundane.’ Usually found surfing the Artic with camera in hand, Burkard came back to his home state to capture friend and fellow adventurer Eric Soderquist riding with Belstaff along the Big Sur.

Surprisingly for a West Coast native, Burkard feels most at home in remote, dangerous and often sub-zero locations. Quitting his job aged 19 to become a surf photographer, he quickly found the regular surf spots and their tourist comforts monotonous. “I began craving wild open spaces, so I set out to find the places others had written off as too cold, too remote, and too dangerous to surf”, he admits. Burkard has since made a career conquering all weather conditions to capturing the beautiful challenge of adventures into the wilderness.

"Amidst the harsh conditions, I stumbled onto one of the last quiet places - somewhere I felt a clarity and connection with the world."


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