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In conversation with: Katherine Waterston

Go behind the big top to discover Katherine’s role as the Actress in Outlaws, and her motivation for joining the project.

Katherine Waterston is The Actress. Trapped in a contract she thought would lead her to the stars, she is stuck in the misery of a bad B-movie being made in the badlands of Mexico. Beautifully ethereal but also strong and resilient in spirit, she is looking for the key to her freedom, and the start of her next adventure. Perhaps a Stranger on set might be her ticket out… The Actress is a sad puppet at the hands of a tyrannical Director who is too afraid to let her shine for fear of her overwhelming potential. As she swings from a trapeze and clings to the back of a bolting horse, she seems in peril, at risk, and yet somehow in control.

A rising star, Katherine has just finished filming Steve Jobs with Danny Boyle, opposite Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen, and recently played a leading role in Paul Thomas Anderson's acclaimed Inherent Vice (2014). Other credits include films such as Michael Clayton (2007), The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Her (2013), Night Moves (2013) and Taking Woodstock (2009), as well as a recurring role the landmark HBO television series Boardwalk Empire.