Harvey Keitel - The Director

Discover the untold story of the Director, a villainous tyrant brought to life by infamous Hollywood tough guy Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel as the Director in Outlaws

Harvey Keitel is The Director. A tyrant, a firebrand, the man who says 'action', he tries to possess and control everything around him. A true outsider, he is exiled to the desert to piece together a lousy B-movie and attempt to keep hold of a group of circus outsiders already living on the edge of society, a starlet who is stronger than she first seems, the thuggish Bounty Hunters, and a Stranger whose disregard for danger makes him perilously unpredictable. When the barren landscape also rebels, sending a hissing rattlesnake on to his set, it's theDirector's violent reaction that sets the action spiralling to an unpredictable conclusion.

Unforgettably charismatic and powerful on screen, Harvey Keitel is known for playing the complicated tough guy with an explosive temper and surprising depths. In Reservoir Dogs (1992), Taxi Driver (1976), Mean Streets (1973),The Piano (1993) and Pulp Fiction (1994), he made each character uniquely compelling and unexpectedly rich. Keitel was recognised for his outstanding work playing a corrupt cop in Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant (1992) with an Independent Spirit Award. The Outlaws, his portrayal of the tyrannical Director is equally strong and nuanced,giving the film the complex villain it deserves.

Harvey Keitel on the set of Outlaws with the Bounty Hunters