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Our Spitalfields store shows the shape of things to come’

We’re all for being bold at Belstaff, so when we decided to refurbish our Spitalfields store, it was never going to be just a lick of paint and new carpet.

Instead, we’ve reimagined what a store can offer. Our goal is to bring the store to life and make it an immersive, interactive and tactile experience. We’ve reconsidered the layout to “encourage the rummage”, inviting you to take a hands-on approach. You can now relax and refuel in the repurposed window area, where we will serve tea, coffee or a perfectly mixed G&T if the mood takes.

As well as feeling relaxed and at home, we also wanted our Belstaff family to be inspired by a community-focused space full of character, personality and the craftsmanship you’d expect from us. That’s why we’ve sourced as much as we can locally from the coffee to the furniture, which includes a stunning antique double bow cabinet and a beautiful vitrine.

The architecture and interior design references our Stoke-on-Trent industrial origins with exposed brick work, blackened metal, leather shelves and solid oak timber used to tell our story. A cabinet of vintage trial trophies reflects our motorcycle heritage, alongside the original jacket worn by motorcycling legend Sammy Miller, MBE. This unique green jacket even provided the inspiration for a unique accent colour used throughout the store.

It’s not all about the motorcycle as our rich legacy extends to the fields of aviation, the military, navy and mountaineering. The British Millerain cotton canvas canopy references both our signature wax cotton jackets and our background outfitting pioneering aviators.

We’re going to transform all our stores in time, with the same dedication to detail and design but, for now, Spitalfields gives you a chance to see what the future holds.