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Discover our new outerwear collaboration, designed with the British actor and crafted to serve you on any and every adventure.

Belstaff has always been about outfitting people with purpose. We believe your clothes should take you further and serve you in every challenge you may face – whether you’re racing to beat the competition, battling the elements in nature or simply weaving your way through city streets on the way to work. This is why our new limited-edition collection is built with and inspired by a thoroughly modern man who is always looking to try something new: the actor James Norton.

Following on from our Autumn-Winter 2020 campaign with the rising star and Belstaff Ambassador, we invited Norton to create his own Belstaff collection in collaboration with our Creative Director, designing pieces that speak to his personal style while encapsulating the craftsmanship, functionality and history of the brand that drew him to us in the first place.

“I went into the Belstaff HQ and we did a sort of deep dive into the brand’s heritage, looking at all the various inspirations,” said James Norton, speaking as part of a London Fashion Week panel. “I put on an old Steve McQueen jacket – it was very cool. And then we set about designing these two jackets and they really did take what I had to offer seriously… There’s so much meticulous detail, and so much love goes into it. It was eye-opening.”

The result of this partnership is a collection of two unique pieces that capture the duality of the modern man and reflect the spirit of adventure integral to both Belstaff and Norton himself. Each of the jackets is both modern, yet rooted in history; stylish, yet crafted to adapt, to sustain the wear and tear of a life lived outside the lines; made with the finest materials, yet immensely functional.

“James is a natural fit for us: he’s driven in his pursuit of excellence, always ready to explore and unafraid of striking out in new directions,” says Sean Lehnhardt-Moore, Belstaff’s Creative Director. Norton also has a lasting relationship with our products through his own experiences and particularly wanted to create pieces that will go the distance. “I fortuitously have owned a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket for years,” he says. “It’s my go-to jacket for cycling; it’s definitely saved my skin a few times. I’ve fallen off my bike, and it’s still going perfectly strong.” This experience helped shaped the first of the two pieces in the collection, the Norton Commuter, while the second, the Norton Ryedale is imbued with Norton’s love of vintage design classics, as well as serving as an ode to the place he calls home. Below, we highlight some of the key details of these new pieces and demonstrate how each jacket will fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.

The Norton Commuter: for a man on the move

This classic with a twist is inspired by Norton’s favourite Belstaff field jacket. Preferring cycling to all other modes of transport, the actor has put his Trialmaster through its paces over the years zipping through the streets of London, and wanted to channel the spirit of this iconic piece into an updated design that captured a little of his personality. The jacket is weather-resistant to battle the elements and comes lined with Black Watch tartan taken from James Norton’s original Trialmaster, for a striking contrast. Zipped underarm and back vents will keep you cool when the pressure mounts as you pick up speed, and subtle reflective trims on the pockets, rear vents and cuffs mean you’ll have added visibility on the road. Layer it over a quilted zip cardigan for added warmth on your bike (the drop hem of the jacket will keep your seat covered), or pair it with a classic crewneck for an all-weather day-to-day outfit.

The Norton Ryedale: to elevate the everyday

 A butter-soft nappa-backed suede bomber jacket in rich chestnut brown, the Norton Ryedale was inspired by an understated 1970s-style jacket sourced by Norton from a market on Long Street, Cape Town many years ago. The vintage piece became one of the actor’s most treasured items and travelled with him on endless adventures. Today, the jacket’s journey continues, reinvented in true Belstaff style to fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe of timeless investment pieces. The lightweight style and half-lined interior ensure that the jacket will work with you through the seasons, as a sharp piece of outerwear in warmer weather, and a slim layering piece when there’s a chill in the air. Knitted rib collars and cuffs add comfort and contrast to the sleek shape, and the double entry-path flap pockets allow for maximum functionality. The style takes its name from Norton’s countryside home of Ryedale but will serve you just as well for drinks and dinner in the city. Throw the jacket on over a neat white T-shirt and a pair of our dark indigo selvedge jeans (created in collaboration with Blackhorse Lane denim) for a versatile off-duty look.