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the girl in the spider's web

Antihero Lisbeth Salander puts Belstaff centre stage once again

Movie poster from the film 'Girl in a spiders web' showing lisbeth salmander looking over her shoulder exposing her dragon tattoo.

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All great fictional characters need a wardrobe to match. Columbo’s got his mac, Sherlock Holmes his deerstalker, while Kill Bill’s The Bride is decked out in her trademark yellow and black jumpsuit, accessorized neatly – of course – with a massive sword.

Now, with the imminent release of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Stieg Larsson’s hacker-turned-crime-fighter Lisbeth Salander gets a jacket that is custom-made for her character and every bit as iconic as her famed dragon tattoo.

Scene from the film 'Girls in the spiders web' showing lisbeth salmander on an empty street wearing the slamander leather jacket in black

© 2018 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

The piece in question is, aptly enough, called the Salander and is based on Belstaff’s best-selling Sidney model, which the costume designer Carlos Rosario, along with Ellen Mirojnick, who designed costumes for Claire Foy, were drawn to and adapted. A classic biker jacket shot through with beautifully defined detail, is a perfect fit for this complex antihero.

From the unique patina of the artisanal, hand-treated 100% calf leather to the asymmetric zip fastening, it’s a shape that celebrates independent spirit, fierce individuality and strong nature. The Salander has all this in spades, plus contrast red and white double buckles at the hips, which allow for a custom fit and match the Salander’s dynamic racing stripes along each sleeve; detailing Rosario and Mirojnick incorporated to make the jacket as unique as the character herself.

Woman wears the slamander leather jacket in black

Of course, this isn’t Belstaff’s first time in front of the camera, we have been clothing famous faces from fiction for years, bringing extra depth to characters and helping directors communicate a lot with a little.

The wax cotton Trialmaster, one of our most familiar silhouettes, helped plague-surviving scientist Robert Neville even the odds in 2007’s I am Legend. Meanwhile, in the Dark Knight series, contrasting jackets were used to accentuate key differences – our hero, Bruce Wayne wears a sleek Belstaff blouson, while the raw power of his nemesis, Bane, is reflected in the choice of Roadmaster.

Then there’s Mission Impossible good guy Ethan Hunt. He may have gadgets galore at his disposal, but few of them define the role better than the Belstaff Hooker Blouson he wore in the third installment of the franchise. Practicality and style is exactly what the IMF point man is all about, and that’s exactly what he got.

The list is ever-growing: Wild Hogs, Eastern Promises, Leatherheads, Ocean’s Twelve… but it’s not just the big-screen where wardrobe makes a big impact. Sherlock, the BBC series that breathed new life into a classic character, saw the famous detective in our Milford coat. Its understated elegance works perfectly with the part, deftly accentuating the detective’s careful attention to detail. It was a piece from the pilot episode that costume designer Sarah Arthur had inherited when she joined the show shortly after. Tellingly, it was the only one she kept. “It was such a lovely coat,” she says, “a classic.”

And now we have another classic on our hands with the Salander, a jacket that looks the part while quietly communicating something of Lisbeth Salander’s spirit: independent, strong, uncompromising. You’ll be able to see for yourself from November 9, when The Girl In the Spider’s Web is released in cinemas.

It seems our involvement in films is fast becoming a tradition, and one that shows no sign of stopping. In art as in life, as long as there are dynamic, adventurous stories to tell, we will help bring them to life.

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