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Belstaff supports ‘A Private War’

It’s not often that a project comes along so clearly mirroring such closely held values: a bold and adventurous outlook, an independent and free-thinking spirit, an authentic and uncompromising personality. We are, then, incredibly proud to continue our long-held association with pioneering women by lending our support to A Private War, the story of acclaimed journalist Marie Colvin, which is released nationwide on 15 February.

Marie Colvin dedicated her life to reporting from war-torn countries, and giving a voice to those who wouldn’t otherwise be heard. As her long-standing colleague photojournalist Paul Conroy puts it, she went after “the truth at any cost.”

A Private War

The war correspondent’s extraordinary life is the subject of a new film, A Private War, starring Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike as Colvin and Jamie Dornan as Conroy, who was a permanent presence on set throughout filming. He witnessed first-hand the painstaking research undertaken by Academy Award-nominated director Matthew Heineman, and the dedication of the two lead actors.

“I saw her (Pike) for the first time in costume on set in Jordan,” Conroy says, “I was like, ‘Wow’. It wasn’t just her hair, make-up and patch, it was the mannerisms, the way she walked, the way she held herself… The first time I heard her speak, the hairs on the back of my neck went up.”

He is similarly impressed by his doppelganger, Dornan: “Being played by Jamie Dornan has done me no harm at all,” he laughs. The actor spent many evenings with Conroy in preparation for the role, leading to a close bond between the pair. It was clearly time well spent, not least because Dornan portrays Conroy with equally compelling conviction. “It’s quite spooky, at times,” the photojournalist admits.

The film is layered with this same, careful attention to detail, from the wide-open scope of the location, right down to the wardrobe. We were honoured to contribute by providing certain key pieces for the film. Jamie Dornan wears our classic Trialmaster jacket, while Rosamund Pike is seen in our Shilpa crew neck jumper, with both the Colonial Messenger bag and our Nyla leather bag.

Whether it was giving personal stories the chance to be heard on a public stage, or leveling the playing field and paving the way for female voices to be heard within her industry, Colvin was an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit who constantly tested the limits between bravery and bravado.

With International Women’s Day and the #balanceforbetter hashtag on the horizon, it feels like the perfect time to celebrate this remarkable writer’s life and acknowledge what she achieved, the struggles she covered and those she faced.

“Fewer women than men become foreign correspondents, and even fewer cover wars,” wrote Colvin 20 years ago. “Those of us who do are probably more driven than most, simply because it is harder to succeed. Maybe we feel the need to test ourselves more, to see how much we can take and survive. Bravery is personal.”

Personal it may be, but if Marie Colvin proved one thing, it’s that bravery knows no gender.

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