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#Trailblazers with Stuntman Riley Harper

In collaboration with the Details Magazine Content Studio, Belstaff took to the road with Hollywood stunt double Riley Harper to capture the controlled adrenalin required to perform his thrill-seeking moto manoeuvres.

Harper travels the world flipping over cars, gunning motorcycles and taking chances - or doing, in his words, 'things that to me are normal, but to most people are a little dangerous'. A proud, fourth-generation Californian based in Los Angeles, he is following in his father’s footsteps - or rather, petrol fumes - and fulfilling a vocation by performing stunts.

'I wake up every day and push the limits, it’s my reason for living.'

But Riley’s death-defying sequences are never rushed into with reckless abandon: the adrenaline-charged lead-up to a stunt is vital, and finely tuned. Rigour, simplicity and serenity are his watchwords. 'I have a pretty basic routine of overpreparing before a stunt,' he explains. 'Of making sure I've gone over all of my plans and then just staying as calm as possible.'

Such meticulousness is a trait Riley exhibits in his wardrobe choice for the #trailblazers shoot. 'I especially loved the Brooklands blouson I wore,' he reveals. 'Not only is it stylish and comfortable, but it has these small, built-in elbow pads that would be awesome in case of a crash.'

Relishing their gnarled zip pulls, rubber lug soles and triple-adjustable buckle straps for versatility, the Trialmaster boot is the footwear of choice for a discerning #trailblazer who makes his money putting his foot to the pedal.

Harper goes off-road to take the pressure off from his precision performance stunt work. 'I work so I can have fun. And my downtime is my opportunity to escape from everything, to have that fun. So I travel every chance I get: be it on surf trips to faraway places, or 1,000-mile, off-road motorcycle rides through Mexico with groups of friends.'

As ever in life, it’s all about the detail.

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